Friday, 12 February 2016

Nigerian’s Nigeria

Sometime back, my friends and I saw a woman with a baby on her back, and a little boy beside her. She still had three 20-liter gallons of palm oil to carry across the street. It was a disheartening sight. In that entire situation, she still managed a smile, we could not believe it. Why should any Nigerian have to suffer this? It was a sentiment shared by all in the car.

 We told the driver to make a U-turn and we headed back to the scene, before we got there, another Nigerian was already helping her. We came down in our suits, stopped a cab, carried her load in, and paid the driver to take her to her destination.

 It felt good.

Mangs, Heriju, Chekube, anonymous man, and myself did our small bit to ensure that suffering ended, yet we are not unique because there a various forms of this act happening every day; that’s who we truly are as Nigerians.

Nigeria can and will be great when we begin to see ourselves as one, first as Nigerians before our molecular deconstructs into tribes and languages, which is smaller and weaker than our collective identity as Nigerians.

Just imagine if we all believed in our country, in ourselves, protecting and nurturing each other, the structures, following through with what needs and has to be done, and many other correlates of ensuring a thriving society, who is to say that we will not claim our rightful positive place?

No organized society abandons its existence and its management to those in power alone. It is the collective responsibility of leaders and followers to ensure that we get out of our corporate existence that which will not only keep us together but do so happily, fulfilling our needs and wants in the relationship.

Majority of the disharmony in the country today, stems from the feeling of alienation felt by certain people, and the inability of this union to meet their actual/perceived needs and or wants. If the country belongs to us all, then it is our responsibility, each and every sane one of us to make it work.

The problem is not if we can, it is if we want to. When we decide to, there is nothing under the sun that can, that will stop us.

God bless Nigeria.